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Traditional bathrooms by Kithcen4everIf you are preparing to remodel your bathroom, you might want to use traditional features in your room's design. Traditional bathrooms do not have to be from specific periods, but they do share some timeless and classic features.

With the right colors and materials, a bathroom can offer beauty and understated elegance so that you can relax and feel pampered.

Traditional materials include ones that are used for the following elements:

  • counters,
  • fixtures,
  • faucets,
  • tubs,
  • cabinets
  • and floors.

Complementary materials can pull the bathroom together so it blends seamlessly with your home's overall traditional theme.

Surface materials

The titles that you choose for your floors, walls and countertops are important for imparting the classic feel of traditional bathrooms. Common tile shapes that are incorporated in these types of designs include small hexagons, pennies and subway tiles.

Choosing natural materials is important, and they may include granite, slate, marble or other natural stones. If your room is small, choosing coverings in lighter shades may help with making your bathroom appear larger than it is.

Sinks, fixtures and tubs used for traditional bathrooms

Classic bathroom styles normally include sinks, fixtures and tubs using traditional materials such as porcelain. Many people opt to include clawfoot bathtubs when they are renovating their bathrooms in traditional styles.

The tubs may be left unadorned or decorated with copper or wood paneling on their exteriors. Rich wood cabinetry is often used with different wood varieties that are reminiscent of colonial times, including the following:

  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Maple

Pedestal sinks may lend an air of old-time elegance to the room. Faucets and doorknobs may be made out of burnished copper or bronze for an additional period authenticity.

Traditional bathrooms accessories

In addition to the more permanent features of your bathroom, the accessories that you use in the room can help to lend the historic feeling that you want. Choosing towels with simple, muted colors such as light browns, whites or tans may add to the design scheme. Muted, natural color on the walls may also add to the overall scheme.

Adding high-quality antique-looking mirrors and tasteful pictures may help to complete the room. You'll also want to consider the light fixtures that you are using, taking care to avoid anything that is overly modern and select beautiful fixtures that are made out of iron, bronze or copper.

Choosing a traditional design style for your bathroom can leave you with a beautifully relaxing space. With the right materials, you can transform your bathroom into the classically beautiful space that you've always wanted while also increasing the value of your home.

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