Closet organizing – Quick & Easy

Organizing a closet might be a challenge if you don’t’ know where to start and what to do. organizing a closet is a very personal thing so it’s important to organize it in a way that works just for you.

In this article we are going to cover some closet organization tips:

  • how to organize your closet;
  • shoe organizer ideas;
  • taking care of your clothes and accessories;
  • closet organization solutions;

How to organize your closet

Depending on what pieces of clothes your want to store, you might need some additional supplies such as:

  • hangers;
  • expandable shoe rack(s);
  • a belt hoock;
  • a tie rack
  • a container store unit;

Cleaning your closet

First of all take everything out and clean the closet. Wipe everything down and vacuum the floor. Make your closet look nice and clean. Use the right detergent not to harm the surface.

After everything is clean, cover the floor with a little rug.

Take care of your clothes

How to organize your clothes

Now get back to your clothes. Think about separating it into different piles:

  • want to keep;
  • need to repair;
  • want to give away;
  • want to through away.

Put away the items you want to get rid of and continue to organize the pile you want to keep.

Separate everything by types: clothes to be folded, items to hang, shoes, ties, belts and so on. Start with the hanging portion. Consider using ultra thin non-slip hanger to save some space. In addition, hang al items by type and according to color or shade within each category.

After that put in a container store unit with drawers to keep your folded clothes. Fold your closet pieces and place them in. To make sweaters and hoodies look nice use shelf dividers.

Organizing accessories

To keep your accessories well organized consider using Command hooks. Those are easy to mount and don’t’ destroy walls and can hold up to 5 pounds of weight.

How to organize your closet

Put your belts and some jewelry on the hocks. And for ties use the tie rack if needed.

In order to organize clutches and handbags file them into a clear container. And for purses use shelf risers so they can be easily reached.

How to organize shoes in a closet

Shoe organizer ideas

Next, think about your shoes. To sore them nicely you might consider to buy an extendable shoe rack.  Some people also prefer keeping shoes in clean drawers or containers with labels taped to the front. In case you got lots of shoes you might need to go vertical building containers up.

Items that are worn less can go on the floor cause they are the dirtiest. In most case those are sneakers. Winter boots and rain shoes usually appear at the top of the closet.

So put your shoes on a shoe rack or use containers in the way that is the most convenient for you.

Closet organization solutions

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