Choosing the right wallpaper for your home

Paint or wall covering – that is the Question? We are so used to having our walls painted but unfortunately paint won’t always express our inner, our personality. With wall covering it’s so much easier. So how to choose wall covering?

How to choose wall covering

On one hand it sounds an easy thing to do but on the other it’s a very challenging task and one might need to have some basic knowledge about the texture, pattern, etc. This is a terrific time to bring in a professional to help you decipher the technical details.

Wall coverings come in many styles and materials, such as paper, fabric, paint, and wood. Some wall coverings are chosen because of their decorative value, while others are chosen for utilitarian reasons. What you choose for your wall will come down to personal taste and your budget, but there are a few things to consider when making your choice. To choose your wall coverings, determine your style preferences, compare your options, and narrow your choices.

How to choose color?

How to choose color for wallpaper

It’s common knowledge that bright colors give you the energy and pastel colors calm you down. Bright colors and large printed patterns can hardly be combined. If your room faces south you can choose dark colors, if north choose warm light colors (peach, nude, pastel can become a good outcome). If it’s your first time try not to choose wall covering with large prints, choose the ones with small prints as it’s easier to urge.

To make the ceiling look higher use parallel lines for the wall covering, and to make the whole room look wider or deeper use horizontal lines on the walls.

If the ceiling is high try to choose the wall covering with prints, if it’s wide choose one on bright colors.

Try to avoid wall covering that make a big contrast in the room.

If you have or plan to have hangings on the walls choose plain wall covering with small-sized patterns.

Always get wall covering from the same producer especially if you’re planning to combine them.

Make sure that the repeat widths and heights work for your wall. For example, a large wall with a small repeat will have the same pattern repeating often and might look too busy.

What type of wallpaper to consider

The designers warn that the type of wallpaper you choose can make things harder as well. For instance, a very thin paper can require additional prep work fixing imperfections in the wall or even the application of a lining paper. And matching the seams of wallpaper with repeating patterns can be especially challenging.

The choice of wall covering will depend on the room you’re trying to change or give new life to – if it’s kitchen, living-room, bedroom, hall or children’s room. You will find out how to do it in the next article.

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