11 tips for organizing your kitchen cabinets

You are running out of storage space and wonder how to organize kitchen cabinets properly? Don’t worry about this, because you’re in the right place to get some useful ideas.

How to organize kitchen cabinets

You have a kitchen and you love it. Its’ perfect for cooking and spending some time of your life. But one day you realize that there is too much stuff on your kitchen that keeps falling out of the cabinets and Some things are always in your way.

Keep stuff out of your way

Tip #1. Keep the things you don’t use out of your way

First of all, think about the items you use more often than the others. Let’s say, we use plates and glasses every day for 3 or 5 times. On the other hand, somebody might use baking sheets once a month or even more rarely.

Tip #2. Get rid of the stuff you don’t need

To understand what you need the most take everything out of your kitchen cabinets: glasses, plates, silverware, pot, pans etc. Put them on the table to clearly see what you’ve got.

You will be surprised about how much unnecessary stuff you have that you can get rid of right away. It’s time to leave only the things you really use.

There are several ways to say “Good bye” to what you don’t need:

  • donate it;
  • sell on the garage sale;
  • throw into the trash.

Understanding that you might help to others or earn a little bit of money will make it easier for you.

Tip #3. Keep your kitchen cabinets clean

how to organize kitchen cabinets - keep it clean

When everything is clean, it’s better to organize and find things, so don’t be lazy and make some cleaning job from time to time. In this process it’s important to keep in mind the material the cabinets are made of. Use the right detergent not to harm the surface.

Tip #4. Use liners

Use liners to organize kitchen cabinets

In order to keep your kitchen cabinets clean and nice cover base cabinets shelves with liners of different materials. There are paper, vinyl or rubber liners. The last two can be easily removed and washed in a dishwasher. All you need to do is measure the dimensions of your shelves and cut the right size.

Tip #5. Get rid of kitchen odors

Sometimes when you cook something delicious in your kitchen that might leave a residue that’s not as delicious. In this case you should use something to keep your kitchen cabinets fresh. The easiest way can be to get yourself a sanitizing spray or a candle that smells good. Another good idea might be putting some lavender petals into a little fabric bag and hang it inside the cabinets.

Use containters for small items

Tip #6. Use containers for small things

Usually we have small elements all around the kitchen and that’s’ kind of massy. So purchasing a few containers with labels on them can really help to store smaller things properly.

By the way, it’s very convenient using lazy susans to reach out the small items deep inside the cabinets. Use different kitchen accessories to maximize your kitchen storage space.

Tip #7. Group your items together

Now when you get your kitchen cabinets clean, it’s time to properly organize everything. Begin with grouping the similar items together. In this case you know for sure the location of each item, cause it’s easier to keep them in mind.
For example, separate all the glasses for water and soda from the glasses for wine or champagne. The same idea is with plates and other things.

Tip #8. Keep frequently used items closer

As mentioned above, decide which plates, mugs and other kitchen stuff do you use every day and which you don’t. We recommend placing the first ones at the most accessible places in your kitchen. That will make it easier to reach them out and save you some energy.

Tip #9. Keep fragile things high

The cabinets upper shelves is the right place to keep fragile glassware save and out of reach.

Tip #10. Keep pots and pans close to cooker top

Almost every kitchen is unique but there is something in common – the place under the cooker top, that should be used to store pots and pans. Those items are a bit heavy so it obvious to keep them in a place that is easy to access.

Tip #11. Organizing other accessories

Don’t forget to think about your home appliances organization. Those that you use every day should stay on the kitchen counter. The ones that you use more rarely, such as the crepes plate, the juicer, the kitchen robot, and so on, must be stored in a cabinet. Put them in a shelf out of the reach or above the cabinets themselves. You can take them whenever you need.

So we hope now you know more about how to organize kitchen cabinets properly so you get the kitchen of your dream.

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