Basic steps to your kitchen remodeling

And here you go! Finally, you’ve decided to look up for some information on how to remodel a kitchen? Does it mean that you are tired of your existing kitchen design and want some changes? if so stick around because we’ve prepared something interesting for you.

In this article we are going to cover the following important aspects of kitchen remodeling process:

How to remodel a kitchen – 6 easy steps

Let’s take a look at some easy steps to remodel your kitchen for cheap.

For this simple project you will need:

How to remodel a kitchen

  • some paint of desired color;
  • stainless steel contact paper;
  • replacement doors or skins for your appliances;
  • faux granite;
  • kitchen cabinets refinishing (refacing);
  • kitchen hardware;
  • kitchen flooring of a desired materials (ceramic tile, vinyl, hardwood or even laminate);
  • New kitchen faucet, sink and other accessories.

Step #1. Start with painting kitchen walls with some fresh colors. This will make your kitchen brighter.

How to remodel kitchen

Step #2. Refresh the look of you kitchen appliances (microwave, fridge, a coffee machine etc.) by covering them with stainless steel contact paper. This way is easy and can really save your money.

In addition, you may order some new magnetic skins for your refrigerator and even dishwasher. They are quite simple to stick and you instantly receive the new look of your kitchen.

Step #3. To change the look of kitchen countertops for affordable price install a faux granite countertops. You will get a look and feel of real granite but much cheaper.

Step #4. To change the old look of your kitchen cabinets it is a good idea to sand them down and refinish or paint them in a new color. You could even order and replace the old doors with new ones.

In this short video designers transform kitchen cabinets into a library:

In case the kitchen cabinets look good but you still want to change something, just replace dated kitchen hardware with new handles, drawer pulls and knobs.

How to remodel kitchen

Step #5. Replace the old kitchen flooring with the new one. You can DIY it or ask a professional to help you for a reward. There are lots of floor material on the market to choose from:

  • ceramic tiles;
  • vinyl flooring;
  • laminate;
  • hardwood sheets;
  • other variants.

The least expensive from this list would be the vinyl flooring which by the way can look just as good as the ceramic but feel differently.

Step #6. Think about a new sink and faucet. This is something that doesn’t cost too much but will completely change your kitchen look in an hour or so.

Where to start remodeling your kitchen

In order to start you kitchen remodel, first of all, look for some fresh kitchen design ideas. You may:

  • surf the web for some interesting articles,
  • visit kitchen showrooms near you,
  • read some remodeling magazines,
  • watch some home design TV shows.

Gather all possible information about the remodeling process and the steps that should be taken. Decide what do you want your new kitchen look like and what materials should be used. Make a plan of the kitchen that will suit all your needs.

If you already know what you want, it’s time to think about budgeting.

Budgeting or how much is a kitchen remodel?

How to remodel kitchen

So now you got the idea of how to remodel a kitchen. It’s time to set a budget for your new kitchen look.

Begin with making the list of all the items needed for the project. Put down all the prices including taxes and delivery costs. Don’t forget to count possible cost of labor if you are planning on some work to be done by a contractor.

When you have all you want on the list count everything to get the final sum. At this stage you might consider taking something out of the list if the budget exceeds your expectations. Furthermore, add another 10% for some unplanned expanses. And you should be done.

So in this article we have covered just basics of kitchen remodeling process, that can help you to start your own project. If you want to change your kitchen but don’t want to do it yourself, it’s better to ask a professional.

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