The right closet furniture tips for home

Choosing the right closet furniture system is a very big decision with lots of different factors to consider. When choosing the right variant it’s important to keep in mind two basic things:

  • Finding a reliable company with serious approach to business.
  • Finding out as much information as possible about your future closet.

So, let’s say, you have a small regular closet with one shelve which is simple. And one day you decide to have a professional to build out a custom closet according to your needs and specifications.

The first step should be to evaluate the scale of your future closet. Count all the things you are going to store:

  • Clothes to hang,
  • Shoes and other footwear;
  • Bags, backpacks, suitcases and other belongings;

Understanding how much stuff you need to store will give a clue to a professional about how many linear feet of closet storage furniture space you’ll need.

Usually our belonging keep growing so at some point we come to the conclusion that it’s needed to design a new and bigger closet.

To make it easier for a contractor or a designer to help you, we recommend to prepare all the estimates and, more over, take some pics to get better online assistance. By the way if you make the first step correctly, the next step would be much easier.

The second step in this interesting choosing process is to find the right company (contractor) to work with. Pay attention to closet organizer furniture section of that company portfolio.

Get free estimate for your closet

If we talk about our Kitchen and Bath design center, the process is quite easy. First, contact us and tell us as much as possible about your future closet. Then our specialist will visit you to precisely estimate everything and suggest you the best solution. Finally, after everything is counted and the design is ready, we set another appointment with you and other decision makers to show the design and discuss all the details.

When the full agreement is achieved, it might take a few weeks for a company to prepare all the materials and accessories. And after all parts are ready the company schedules an install team for your project.

Closet storage furniture variants

Please take a look at the most popular closet storage furniture variants:

  • Walk-in Closet Simple, functional and beautiful: Sintesi wardrobe collection's details are enchanting. The refined style...

  • Hinged Wardrobe Sintesi is a system of wardrobes and walk-in closets in an array of...

  •   Coplanar Wardrobe The Coplanar system is an innovative application of technique for wardrobes with...

  • Custom design closet...

  • Custom design closet...

  • Custom design closet...

  • Sliding Wardrobe Sintesi is a system of wardrobes and walk-in closets in an array of...

By the way, don’t forget to discuss closet furniture installation cost and what does it include (just installing a new closet or dissembling the old one and replacing it with painting and patching). You might dissemble the old closet yourself that can be interesting and save you some money, but will take some time.

Defining the quality of the closet furniture

As you might know, shelving is the key element of every closet. In most cases shelves are made of melamine sheets of different colors. In addition, melamine can be thermally fused or cold pressed. The firs one is considered to be of a better quality and a bit more expansive.

Closet furniture shelving

Closet furniture shelving appearance

We Also recommend paying your attention to what particle board type is inside melamine sheet. There’re 2 types: furniture grade and industrial grade. The last is a bit thicker and though more durable material.

Depending on how much storage you need it’s highly recommended to think about shelving depth, than in some cases might reach 15”.

Hardware and closet accessories

This is another topic to talk about. Today on the market you may find closets accessories made of plastic, wood or metal. So its’ not hard to figure out which material would be stronger and more pricy as well.

So we hope our tips will help you to build out the best closet for your specific needs and wants. If you still have any questions, just let us know, and our experts will find the right answer.

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