After you have decided to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, there are some preparatory steps that you should take in order to make the installation and design process as painless as possible. When the workers arrive and start the job, you will be unable to use the room for a period of time. Here are some things that you should do several weeks in advance of the project's start date to prepare yourself and your home.

Making your bathroom or kitchen renovation less inconvenient for you

After you have chosen all of the materials that you will use and have scheduled with your contractor, it is time for you to sit down and plan. If you are renovating your kitchen, you should understand that your kitchen will be inaccessible while the remodeling project is being completed. You may want to choose a location in your home where you can use your microwave or toaster oven outside of your kitchen.

Recognize that you are likely to grow tired of microwavable meals pretty quickly. It is smart to list all of the restaurants in your area that you enjoy as well as the ones that you'd like to try to help you and your family get through. You can also make some of your favorite dishes ahead of time and freeze them so that you can reheat them in your microwave later. Here are some more steps that you should take.

Prepare for the arrival of your cabinets

When your cabinets arrive, they are going to need a good storage area. There are also some other preparatory steps you should take:

  • Choose an enclosed space to store your appliances and cabinets when they are delivered.
  • Pack everything in your bathroom or kitchen before the project's start date.
  • Make certain to label all of your storage boxes so that it will be easy to unpack everything later.
  • Mark fragile items and keep them stored well away from the renovation area.
  • Choose the location of your temporary food preparation area.
  • Designate a space where the contractors will be able to store their tools.

Establish your temporary kitchen

Thinking about the nearest available water source, you will next want to set up the area that you will be using as your temporary kitchen. If you have enough space, you may be able to move your old appliances and refrigerator to your selected area so that you can continue to use them. You will want to check your outlets to make certain that they are capable of powering them first, however. At a minimum, choose an area that is capable of handling your microwave and a miniature refrigerator with a freezer. You'll of course also want to make enough room for your coffee maker, coffee and filters. Finally, don't forget to place the utensils that you will need in your temporary kitchen area along with your toaster and staple food items.

If you are remodeling your bathroom, make certain to bring out the items that you need, including your curling iron, toiletries and hairdryer.

Plan for your pets

Pets simply don't listen to instructions to stay away from construction areas. If you don't have a place in your home in which you can confine them, it might be smart to schedule some time for them in your local kennel or with a friend who is willing to pet-sit for you.

Plan for dust

During construction, dust is unavoidable. You need to make certain to cover everything and hang plastic sheeting to keep some of the dust in the working area. Move items such as fish tanks to prevent dust from getting into them.

For answers to your questions about what to expect during your bathroom or kitchen design and installation, contact us today. Our experts will be happy to provide you with the information that you need.

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