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Imperial classic design is a combination of tradition, passion and design where natural elements, such as stones, are melted with artisan ornaments. Every kitchen is designed as hand crafted, which distinguishes each kitchen as unique. The feel of the finishes and materials bring your mind back to smooth and velvety surfaces, interpreted in a modern key. Aran Cucine has plenty of models, from the lacquer version with golden finishes, to the ash wood version with burgundy red, sky-blue, carbon, white or off- white paintings. Imperial also includes different lacquer versions in finishes, such as patina, antique and vintage; fine gold and silver decorations are also available. All the ornamental elements are decorated by hand in Imperial style; as well as capitals, cornices, hoods and cymas.

The new age version of Imperial is a proposal that exceeds the barrier of the dichotomy of classic and modern. It deconstructs the concept of classical, making itself up to date and adapted to modern tastes, keeping atmosphere, lines, hand-made finish sections. Gold and silver ornaments allow a perfect melting among different styles, combining them with stainless steel modern appliances, big hood, technical islands with natural granite or quartz worktops and coverings and new patina and lacquered paintings. The results include all these characteristics and are well combined in every single environment . Clients can choose rustic appliances in different styles: from country paintings and finishes to wood elements and brass finishes.

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