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More than a passing trend.

The aesthetical and functional flexibility of Murano, makes this model suitable for all kinds of kitchen spaces, small or large, narrow or wide, with islands, peninsulas or wall layouts, traditional or contemporary style.


Attention to detail.

Murano brings old country-style cupboards up-to-date, boiserie niches with shelves do not only answer containing requirements, but play an essential role in the beauty of home decoration. The wide range of hoods, ash wood accessories moulded with light curves, worktops with solid wood profile matching the door colour, give an idea of the care present in the design of Murano model. A masterly mix between rosy ash and decapé colours allows you to design kitchen layouts whose charm goes further, and survives the fashion trends. For quality time around the table, there are also tables and chairs matching the door colour; for the more discerning customer, there are chairs and stools in wrought iron with ash seating to match the door colour, to complete the accessories on offer.

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