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  • Provenzale
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Timeless simplicity.

Practical, functional and attractive, Provenzale becomes the heart of the home, where words, meetings and recipes are conducive. A room as creative, warm and essential as the kitchens of bygone days for lovers of the tradition. Interior design which gives due importance to technology, responding to the latest life style requirements.


A warm and essential space.

Aran Cucine offers the Provenzale line, which brings the atmosphere and simplicity of Italian and Provençal farmhouses of the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries back to the kitchen. A style that retains the memory of the past but still keeps an up to date feeling, offering new features and arid accessories for an environment capable of adapting to all personal needs. The calmness of a familiar environment, the convenience of a domestic setting where traditional and innovation merge in a single creation.

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