Office Furniture Catalog

  • Reception


    Reception Reception: a fresh, on fashion, perfectly in line with current trends model. It is a perfect summary of harmony…

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  • Reception Miro

    Reception Miro

    Reception Miro With the program Reception Miró, Newform Ufficio wants to involve you with its pleasure and love for the…

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  • President


    President Wood has always been trusted to be the best companion of mankind. It is, therefore, also taken into account…

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  • Kamos


    Kamos Kamos is part of the operative office furniture range. It is available in both metal and wooden structures. The…

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  • Tower


    Tower Tower, essential elegance. Quality as a tactile and chromatic perception of linear or enveloping solutions in a modern style.…

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  • Eidos Evo

    Eidos Evo

    Eidos Evo Eidos Evo collection allows top-notch solutions of office space management thanks to the complete versatility of its elements…

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  • Simposio


    Simposio The symposium, during the Greek time, was the privileged place where values that distinguish man were manifested. Adjusting the…

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  • Miro


    Miro Miró collection is our answer to the need of uniqueness. Prestige, trend, style: exclusive chromatic atmosphere, to express and…

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  • K2 divisoria

    K2 divisoria

    K2 divisoria According to Reinhold Messner, K2 is the hardest mountains to climb. Similarities with the mountaineering are not yet…

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  • K2 attrezzata

    K2 attrezzata

    K2 attrezzata If K2 is the hardest peak to climb, K2 partition wall of Newform Ufficio is the far most…

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  • K1 monolitica

    K1 monolitica

    K1 monolitica In the architecture sees the partition wall as a vertical element both defining the space externally and dividing…

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  • Tower Evo

    Tower Evo

    Tower Evo Offers complete furnishing solutions suited for harmonious and integrated semi‐directional desks with immediate apparent benefits. A metropolitan product…

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  • Opera


    Opera Starting from real needs, Newform Ufficio mixes up different types of worktops, combining them with the aluminium structure, which…

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  • Kamos Pure

    Kamos Pure

    Kamos Pure Is a collection of operative office furniture. A system in two types: a metal integrated and a paneled…

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  • Kamos Plus

    Kamos Plus

    Kamos Plus Essential elegance. Quality as a tactile and chromatic perception of linear or enveloping solutions in a modern style.…

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  • Vista


    Vista collection is a lightweight and functional office furniture range, expression of a design combining simplicity and pleasantness. Vista takes…

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